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Welcome to the Blog section of my website. I will irregularly post thoughts and reviews here! See down below for my current tech setup..

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Here is a list of the best of breed tools that I use for enhancing the operational efficiency of our property businesses..

Note: Unless noted otherwise, I pay for all of the hardware, software, and services I use, mention, and recommend below. This isn't an opportunity for me to sell you on some vendor's products. This is what I really do use regularly.


Office Devices


Primary Desktop PC : Dell Optiplex 9020 Ultra Small Form Factor, 8GB RAM, Core i5 : This PC is running Windows 10 and is incredibly fast. I can wholeheartedly recommend it for video/photo editing and the most demanding tasks I can throw at it. It is also tiny and takes the space of a small ice-cream container. Simply superb value for money and there is no way I could do my work without this.


Primary notebook PC - HP Stream 11 - In terms of speed this machine is at the opposite end of the spectrum from my desktop PC. The concept is a very low power, low weight PC which can be lugged around. I didn't pay much for it so it owes me nothing and I don't fret much if it takes a few knocks. On top of this, the Stream is running a very low power CPU. Which means the battery life is superb and I can practically get through a full working day without a recharge. Love it!


Server and cloud backup - Crashplan and Google Drive. Both are very inexpensive. Google Drive provides robust cloud document sync and Crashplan is there for long term backup (absolutely essential for all businesses). I also use Dropbox and where I need to to maintain compatibility with other property developers we JV with from time to time. The one service I remain sceptical of is Microsoft's One Drive. So far I have found it slow and buggy. So I am steering clear for the moment!


Portable devices


Smart phones - OnePlus One - In my personal opinion, still the best value high-spec Android phone available in the UK. The Snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB of RAM keep it humming along. This beast is loaded with useful applications (see below) and practically all of them run at lightning speed.


e-Reader - Amazon Kindle paperwhite (second generation) - The perfect tool for the mobile property developer who needs to keep up with tons of books whilst on the go. I love Amazon Kindle readers. The hardware is sturdy, reliable and can store thousands of ebooks.


Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones QC15 - There is a newer model available now but I see no reason to upgrade. What an amazing set of cans (as they say in the business). These headphones shut out background noise when you are in public transport. So they turn some pretty boring down time into a time to digest podcasts and audiobooks. Incredible. Expensive but worth every penny.


Android Smartphone Apps I recommend


Google Drive

Here Maps

Google Maps

Sound Profile

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Shopper

Facebook Messenger

Three In Touch


gReader Pro

BBC News/BBC Weather

BBC iPlayer TV/Radio



SMS Backup+






Echo Lockscreen

Drive Autosync

ES File Explorer

Facebook Lite



Microsoft Office